Momoko Koie

鯉江 桃子

Aichi prefecture

Musashino Art University


Ms.Koie was interested in a figure painting and seeks her own style of Bijin-ga, a beautiful woman painting. She has opened many solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Tokyo. She has received many awards by many art exhibitions as well.

Contemporary Courtesan, Oiran, described by Ms.Momoko Koie is a powerful free woman covered with colorful clothes, expose herself to be gorgeous and lustrous. Her bold use of color and its power has a reputation.



2017 Jan. Momoko Koie Exhibition @Doma Kitchen in Marina del Rey, LA

2016 Oct. ~ Nov. Bijinga & Mythology @Building Bridges Art Exchange Gallery in Santa Monica, LA



2015   The second place award at Corporate Collaboration Tokyo

2014   Kanagawa Art Exhibition selected

2013   Ueno no Mori Art Museum Exhibition selected

2010   Golden Conpetition Selected

2010   Japan Art Salon Exhibition Excellence Award