Kuma Puff


Building Bridges International art Exchange

Oct. 1st Sat. – Nov. 15th Tue.

Bergamot Station Arts Center- 2525 Michigan Avenue, Unit F2 – Santa Monica, CA 90404


Ms.Atsuko Matsushima travels through out Japan to hold many workshops. The essence of “Kuma Puff” who brings happiness by Ms.Atsuko Matsushita often seen in her workshops where all ages from young to old find their unseen talent to create their own “Kuma-Puff”. Atsuko Matsushita is an amazing traveling crafter as she claims herself.

A gifted talent of Atsuko is fantasy. Her fantasy has created the world of unique “Kuma Puff” and she will bring along her 100 “Kuma Puff” live in the “Kuma Puff” world to Santa Monica this fall.

Ms. Atsuko Matsushita will hold her workshops during the exhibition at Building Bridges Art Exchanges from October 1st. Stay tuned for more details.



Atsuko Matsushita


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