Atsuko Matsushita

まつした あつこ

Traveling Crafter



I started working with fabric since 2010. I start making my piece anytime when an idea comes up and anytime my feeling arises. My first work was a bag a present for my mom. Then, I started making mainly bags by orders but my thoughts and interests expanded to make a variety of goods.

I have number of series work including [Kuma Puff], [Kaiju(Monsters) for Girls], [Cloth Bread], [Monsters] and [Fairy].

I had my first two weeks solo exhibition at Ginza Modern Art Gallery, Tokyo in 2010. It titled [Green, Bread and Kuma Puff days]. Then had many solo and other exhibitions mainly in Tokyo including Zine Exhibition by a fashion brand [BEAMS].

I have been traveling through out Japan holding exhibitions and workshops. I love working with fabric and textiles.


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