Shiki Taira

平良 志季



The Tokyo University of Arts


Ms.Taira is Nihonga painter with favorite subject of beautiful women and phantoms. Her skillful construction of lively and funny phantoms and bright color with contemporary designed Kimono for Bijin-ga based on traditional Japanese techniques, color and theme.

She draws lovable phantoms and women with precocious but grown feminity.



2017 Feb. Shiki Taira Exhibition @Doma Kitchen in Marina del Rey, LA

2016 Oct. ~ Nov. Bijinga & Mythology @Building Bridges Art Exchange Gallery in Santa Monica, LA

2015   FEI Art Museum Yokohama Exhibition

2015   ACT Intro 3 Special Exhibition

2014   Shinsei-Do O+ Exhibition

2014  Exhibition at Awatsu Gallery

2014  Shinsei-Do Tokyo Berlin Art Box