Misa Tsuchiya

土屋 未沙


Tama Art University


I use both watercolor ink and oil base ink on Japanese paper. My images are carved on basswood plywood using baren to print.

Woodblock prints are unlike oil painting or Nihonga painting it is an indirect technique through printing. The print creates unexpected results from the original drawings, not only mistakes by distortion but also result in beautiful color. It is exciting to communicate with woodblocks. This exciting communication is also similar with a life of animals and woodblock paints are the best mean to express my animal prints.

I am an Amazoness woodblock printer.



I want to draw a life of animals live on instinct. I draw animals with unusually long or unusually stretched absurd shapes. The absurd shape is the expression of animals on instinct living freely. Instinctive animal behavior could be funny, scary or sad. I am charmed by a mind of animal different from human kind.

Animals act instinctually for their life and are different from complex human relationships. Their action is often contrary to human expectation. I adore such instinctive life of animals living with freedom.

Freedom of animal is limited with the law of the jungle of being attacked and eaten any moment. I would like to express their stress and tenacity to life hidden in their free living.


* Not knowing where to take the dancing fee of hand

It is a Confucian idiom from the book of Rites. It means, “ Go into raptures and dance for joy. “ The hungry tiger is in full of joy with the moment a game right in front of it and focusing on it. I have eliminated its feet from this image to match the description of the idiom. The long tail expresses the tiger is running with a lot of lively movement. Even a tiger like this one with a moment of joy could die if it does not capture the game. I showed the height of tension for life. Two birds on top left corner are laughing at a tiger with a full of joy.


* Echo flamingo

This is a song of dancing flamingo reverberating in the mountain to echo.The yellow line shows the sounds echoing in the nature.



2017 Feb. Misa Tsuchiya Exhibition @Doma Kitchen in Marina del Rey, LA

2016 Oct. ~ Nov. POP JAPAN Exhibition @Building Bridges Art Exchange Gallery in Santa Monica, LA

2016   Five Art University Exhibition at The National Art Center, Tokyo

2015   Japan Print Association Exhibition

2015  Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program Scholarship

2015  Two artists Exhibition at Jinen Gallery Nihonbashi, Tokyo