Rina Takagi

高木 莉七


Tampa Art University



I paint the world I want to see such views in Science Fiction, Buddhism and decadent in wood block prints, not futuristic but create ambiences in old S.F. movies.

My interests in this worldview started when I heard music by Mr.Susumu Hirasawa. I saw a movie called “Paprika” when I was 17 and that was my first contact with Mr. Hirawasa’s musical world. His music lead me to a novel 1984 by George Orwell who influenced to Mr.Hirosawa and onto Techno-Pop music by Haruomi Hosono (Yellow Magic Orchestra). Through these experiences, I have been creating ambiences in old S.F. movies in my wood block prints. I was attached to blood less inorganic, nihilistic quality in techno-pop music by Mr.Hosono and Mr.Hirasawa. I am not good at being cheerful but the feeling of uplifting the bottom of the heart calmly excites me.


I was lead to create stories behind my paintings to describe my worldview. I create a story by selecting each word show inorganic quality. A painting completes as my story completes. One of reasons I do not disclose my stories because I do not want to disturb the viewers own interpretation of my paint. I would be very happy if the viewer can expand his or her world through my paintings. I will continue to create and expand my own world like immense universe.



2017 Jan.  LA Art Show

2016 Oct. ~ Nov. POP JAPAN Exhibition @Building Bridges Art Exchange Gallery in Santa Monica, LA

2016   Group Exhibition at Ginza Modern Art Gallery

2016  Summer Beauty Illustrated Book at Ginza Kawauso Gallery

2016  New Face Golden Egg & Silver Egg at Ginza Kawauso Gallery

2016  Nudenudenude at Ginza Modern Art Gallery

2016  Spring Print Exhibition at Ginza Kawauso Gallery

2016  13th Asia Creative Art Exhibition at The National Art Center, Tokyo