Beniko Choji

丁子 紅子

Saitama prefecture

Joshibi University of Art and Design


Ms.Choji has been very active having solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in and around Tokyo since 2014 after my graduation. She became one of very popular artist and her work quickly sold out at her exhibitions at department store galleries. She is a member of the Naive Art of Japan and has received many awards at the Naive Art of Japan.

Ms.Beniko Choji wants to draw a human like figure with internal emotions and a quiet expression rather than a portrait of people.



People seek warmth unconsciously and dispose unhappy emotions. We can lough and able to feel happiness because we have had opposite emotions in the past.

I am hoping each viewer will complete my work with his or her own feelings. I am painting a human figure which has a narrow void that the viewer can fill that space with own emotions to reflect himself or herself.



2017 Jan. Beniko Choji Exhibition @Doma Kitchen in Marina del Rey, LA

2016 Oct. ~ Nov. Bijinga & Mythology @Building Bridges Art Exchange Gallery in Santa Monica, LA



2015  Next Art Exhibition Selected

2014  Shizen Ten Art Exhibition at Ueno Royal Museum

2014  The 31st FUKUI Thumb hole Art Exhibition Selected

2014  Japan Modern Naive Art Society Exhibition The 40th Memorial Award

2013  Japan Modern Naive Art Society Exhibition Ueno Royal Museum Award

2012  Japan Modern Naive Art Society Exhibition Japan Modern Naive Art Award

2011  Japan Modern Naive Art Society Exhibition Selected

2010  Japan Modern Naive Art Society Exhibition Excellence Award


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