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Bijinga & Mythology

Bijinga & Mythology

Building Bridges International art Exchange
Oct. 1st Sat. – Nov. 15th Tue.
Bergamot Station Arts Center- 2525 Michigan Avenue, Unit F2 – Santa Monica, CA 90404


“Bijinga – Mythology” by young Japanese emerging artists will be up at Building Bridges International Art Exchange Gallery in Santa Monica starting on October 1st (Saturday) for 6 weeks.

Bijinga is a Japanese traditional theme for Ukiyoe hanga was transformed by young Japanese artists. An idea of “Bijinga” is transformed through a life of contemporary artists through their light, darkness, past and future.
A new mythology of Japanese “Mythology” starts from here.



Beniko Choji
Takuya Mitani
Natsuko Tanihara
Momoko Koie
Shiki Taira


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