About Us

It is our wish to expand the world of talented young Japanese artists to the international stages.

There are many talented young Japanese artists that cultivated their talents in both worlds: thetraditional beauty with a long history behind and the latest POP culture of Manga and Anime.

The introduction of these talented artists and their work into the virtual world through the Internet is easy but there are many challenges to actually go out into the “real world”. The experience of seeing the art in reality changes the impression and the value, just like in music and the performing arts.

Art du Marche searches for these young artist and once found offers them assistance to expand and explore on bigger stages in the world. We promote international cultural exchanges by introducing young Japanese artists globally. Through Art du Marche artists are able to experience the most current on-going art culture.

Art du Marche selects the most unique flower buds from the Japanese art market (du marche) helping them along to open up to their full potential and to bloom into the most beautiful flowers.