Tokyo, JAPAN


Things I want to paint … that is the internal organs and a woman in the nude as its container. As many people feel flowers are beautiful, I feel the blood and the internal organs beautiful.
She as a container is lead to be alive with jealousy and grudges. I feel jealousy and grudges are the most humanistic quality among all the feelings. As I am very jealousy person and I would like to eliminate these feeling if it all possible. She is not allowed to die until she pays off her grudges as long as these ugly feelings are a base of human life.

Why I keep these subjects for my paintings?
I would like to be forgiven these feelings supposed to be hidden in daily life. Don’t you agree you have thought of these, at least once?

Almost all women in my paintings are with blank expression. The feelings in my paints that transform by the viewers and myself have many words and expressions. I avoid to paint a perfect body figure. I consciously imagine an ordinary woman to describe the common feelings.

Whatever the theme is I strongly believe the lines must be accurate and have a beautiful composition. Especially dealing with internal and external ugliness the lines must be beautiful and spacing is important. I once tried to fill out all spaces but that was not the space I imagined and stopped to draw the background. The void space is necessary and important as a single stem flower is beautiful on the wall of a teahouse.

Words by the Gallery

Meimaro was introduced to U.S. fans first time in a group exhibition “Bijinga & Mythology” at Building Bridges Art Exchange in Santa Monica in 2016. She was also selected to be at L.A.Art Show 2017. She returned to L.A. Art Show in 2018 and was welcomed with more enthusiasm. Her original paintings are exhibited at the Dark Emporium Gallery in Long Beach, CA. She has been very active having numerous solo exhibitions and group exhibitions through out Tokyo since 2014. She has created many CD Jackets for artists such as “L’exlipse Nue”, “Mayhem Fancy” and many others.
She utilizes “Copic Markers”, Chinese pigments, Acrylic paints, Sumi Ink most of the time on “Art Cloth.

Sumi Works


2018 Jan. LA Art Show
2017 Jan. LA Art Show
2016 Oct. ~ Nov. POP JAPAN Exhibition @Building Bridges Art Exchange Gallery in Santa Monica, LA
2016 Solo Exhibition [ Syakkou] at Avant cafe Matching Mole
2016 Yu re Ten at Gallery Bar Swaging Joujite
2016 I can’t live without the cat exhibition at Oto Gallery
2016 Solo Exhibition [ Icon ] Cafe & Gallery Maboroshi
2016 Asia Creative Art Exhibition at The National Art Center Tokyo
2015 Enzan-3 at High Life Plaza Itabashi Tokyo
2015 Art Fair Asia/Fukuoka at Solaria Nishitetsu hotel
2015 at Gallery Bar Swaging Joujite
2015 Yearn for the death practically at Bar Doqudoqu
2015 Konton Exhibition at Ginza Modern Art Gallery
2015 Enzan-2 at High Life Plaza Itabashi Tokyo
2015 Asia Creative art Exhibition at the The National art Center Tokyo
2014 Fxxkin’ Christmas Exhibiton at Cafe Gallery Maboroshi
2014 Horror Exhibition at Gallery Paraiso Osaka
2014 Dark Marchen Exhibition at Gallery GRIM
2014 Horrordomination at Gallery Paraiso
2014 Dark Girl Exhibition at Ginza Modern Art Tokyo

Copic Works

Commercial works

Original product design for village Vanguard Co., Ltd. Online shop
Donate a work to Too Marker Products Inc.
Published at Copic Markers official web page
Mayhem Fancy/Death-Metal CD Jacket
Youjinngaku/Death Metal CD Jacket
Urobilinemia/Death-Metal CD Jacket
Otogiriso/ Rock CD Jacket, T-shirt
L’eclipse Nue/ Industrial-Noise CD Jacket
Lsei Ben and L’eclipse Nue/ Industrial-Noise CD Jacket