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Hoshi Ren

I have started oil painting along pen drawings in 2014 and had a number of group exhibitions. My first solo exhibition titled “dear freaks” was in Osaka in 2016 and just had my second solo exhibition titled “delicatessen” this spring.

My paintings are composed of two antithetical impulses. One is disruption. Boys and girls have physical impairments from that. The other is benevolence. The boys and the girls does not face death and look at us with eyes showing extra composure.

My paintings are often described as cruel while there are endless grief and people continue to lose their life in inhumane ways in the real world.
One of my main motivation is to create a protective and illusional world for the boys and girls who armed with unrealistic figure and look down on our lust at times while at other times accepting us with affectionate eyes.

I paint so the viewers can enjoy the details after the impact of the first look impression with meaningful background based on each theme. Deciding the theme is important to me.

I am not good with people. It is difficult to express myself with words. But I can express in paintings and have pleasure to share the feelings people get from my work

It is my wish the boys and girls I draw and their view of the world can leave some trace in your heart.

Words by the Gallery

She started painting in 2014. Since then, she has been very active joining numerous group exhibitions in Tokyo and Osaka areas. Her solo exhibitions first time in 2016 and more recently in March 2018, which received high reviews. She often uses pen and watercolor but she adds another dimensions and textures when she oil paint. Her antithetical ideas vibrate between conflicting ideas and it land with love and affection through destruction leaving some deficiency. Her illusional world leaves you with cruel questions.